Dec 16 2013

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160 Grams Judgement Stun Racquetball Racquet with 3 5/8″ Grip from E-Force


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160 Grams Judgement Stun Racquetball Racquet with 3 5/8" Grip from E-Force

160 Grams Judgement Stun Racquetball Racquet with 3 5/8" Grip from E-Force Rating:
List Price: $120.00
Sale Price: $120.00
(as of 11/18/2013 03:18 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

Product Description

  • 22" Longstring: Eight center mains extend in free space from the head of the frame through the handle for increased string bed deflection and power.
  • Zero Richter Tubes: String vibration is massively reduced. Main strings are enclosed in 84" of vibration-dampening tubes hidden in the handle.
  • By-Pass Stringing System: Power and livelier ball response. Main strings skip every two holes. The ball does not directly strike two main strings at once.
  • Launch Pad Technology: Maximizes power. Eliminates unnecessary deflection-limiting cross-strings in racquet throat. Increases string bed deflection.
  • Fiber Alignment Tech (FAT) Zones: More strength and power in racquet head. Pushes out and aligns fibers in high-stress curved areas of frame.
  • Monster String Holes: Extra-large 2.54 sq. cm holes allow both main and cross-strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame. More string bed deflection and power.
  • Total Carbon Head: Adds stiffness, durability and power. Paint and non-structured materials replaced with additional carbon graphite.
  • Tri-Carbon Frame: Optimized blend of three light, stiff, carbon graphites, for more durability and power.
  • Graphite Fiber: Soft, strong graphite fibers reinforce and strengthen the frame to control flexibility and add more power.
  • Wishbone Frame: Three-part fin system stiffness frame in throat. Improves control and durability by eliminating twist and torque.
  • Power Trac Frame: Twisting and distortion are reduced


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