Mar 04 2017

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Wilson Drone X Racquetball Racquet


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Wilson Drone X Racquetball Racquet

Wilson Drone X Racquetball Racquet Rating:
List Price: $239.00
Sale Price: $239.00
(as of 02/05/2017 22:44 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Product Description

Wilson is the official racquet of USA racquetball. The Drone x is the pinicle of "on-court supremacy". top rated Turbo drive system for extreme velocity and crushing power, new optimum string Tech for that sweet easy feel, plus all new materials technology featuring spider silk ballistic Armor and x-bands.


  • Wilson is the official racquet of USA racquetball/x-band carbon fiber reinforcements in the shoulders of the frame for greater strength
  • On-court supremacy" - looks, power and performance
  • Top rated Turbo drive System for extreme Velocity and crushing power and fantastic ball "pop"
  • Optimus String 16 bling String - designed to maintain your String tension and keeps that sweet easy feel
  • Materials Technology featuring Spider silk Ballistic Armor for frame strength and extreme vibration damping

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